FIRE DAMPERS Static and Dynamic UL555-Approved fire dampers for use in walls, floors and partitions.
FIRE-SMOKE DAMPERS Combination Fire-Smoke Dampers - Tested to UL555 and UL555S for both Fire and Smoke Ratings for use in walls, floors and partitions.
CEILING DAMPERS Ceiling Radiation Dampers - UL555C and UL263 Rated for use in ceiling membrane penetrations of rated floor/ceiling and roof/ceiling assemblies.
CONTROL & BALANCING DAMPERS Control & Balancing dampers used to control airflow in HVAC applications. Fabricated in steel or aluminum, with low leakage options available.
BACKDRAFT DAMPERS Backdraft dampers control the direction of airflown in HVAC applications. They freely allow airflow in the intended direction, but will close and prevent airflow in the opposing direction.
LOUVERS Louvers are intended to protect openings in the external envelope of a building from the penetration of water where HVAC duct penetrations are made for the exhaust and intake of air. NCA offers Louvers in extruded aluminum and fabricated steel or stainless steel.

NCA products are sold exclusively through our broad network of manufacturer's representatives knowledgeable in all phases of HVAC design and selection. Please follow the link to the Rep Locator to find the NCA representative in your area.

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